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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SSL mean?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secures your visitor’s or User’s connection made to the server. It shows a Green “Https” before your domain name in the browser. Any user data (including names, bio, passwords that is not open) shall meet an additional security layer and is 256-bit encrypted which makes hackers almost impossible to hack into. This is needed for ecommerce sites where the users add, save or leave their banking information on the site when making a transaction. With SSL, the users feel secure to make transactions.

What does the graphic design include?

Images, Videos, Layouts (for backgrounds and other web elements like web vectors, Javascript front-end graphics, etc)

What does the content writing quote item include?

Content writing includes search for title keywords (based on SEO keywords), tag line creations, and paragraph writing for all pages.

What is included in support and maintenance?

The “Maintenance” mainly covers bug rectifications and updates. The maintenance hours are spent to constantly monitor the services we offer and to ensure that our offering are working as detailed. The “Support” is included within the maintenance. The client can use “Support” in order to do certain complex web-master tasks such as

  • uploading CSV mark sheets to the website,
  • adding students in bulk to the website
  • Handling product updates such as discounts, adding new products and many others as desired by the clients
  • and explaining/training the clients to use our services at their best.
Is copy pasting allowed from other sites?
Yes, you can use whatever content you want to use on your website but we do not recommend it and the team is in no way liable for it. Also, please note that copy-pasting of any third-party copyrighted material may also violate our terms of service. On another note, even if you copy-paste content from other websites that is free of copyrights, your SEO pack and branding will go void and these quote items will be automatically discarded from your package.
What is the difference between static and dynamic web design and why don't we use it here?

There is no standard naming conventions in use in order to mention static and dynamic web designs. Some design companies use the word “dynamic” for responsive web design and some use it for about blogging or other web dev features. Some design companies use the word “static” for pages that don’t do have any web dev features (such as contact forms) other than simply presenting the front-end designs.

What does the Web Design customization that is provided with sweet, starter and standard packages offer?

Design Edits/modifications according to your client’s content requirements. However, the design specific customization is not offered with these packages and if the client is specific about the design elements, we suggest taking up a silver or star package.

What if client exceed the amount of maintenance hours provided by widesigninc?

We shall provide maintenance FREE of charge but it is limited only to Maximum of Hours / month as detailed for each package. The Client shall be informed about payment of extra 5 dollars or 6 Euros (432 INR / hour) for all extra hours spent for support.